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The Farmers Touch Furniture Polish, Wood Polish, Dusting Spray

Ditch store-bought cleaners! This homemade furniture polish, wood polish and dusting spray is easy to make, affordable and super effective. It’s made with vinegar, olive oil, Castile soap and essential oils to safely clean your home.

This time, we're whipping up a dust, wood and furniture polish spray that might as well be salad dressing–oil, vinegar and citrus are the main ingredients, so this is one cleaning product that's good enough to eat. 😉

Why make your own homemade furniture polish?

Okay, if you've been following along with me for a while, you surely know by now why you should make your own cleaning products.

Of course, safety and health are the number one reasons to make your own cleaners, but I have to say that one of the more practical and tangible reasons I've stuck with DIY cleaning is because the savings are UNREAL!

You're basically getting paid to clean your house at this point. 😉


Sometimes I get looks from my friends and family when I start talking about toxic products. You know the look–it's a combo of disinterest, pity, condescension and, ultimately, incredulity as they pretend to listen to what I'm saying, while really thinking that I'm just some crazy hippie rambling on again about nonsense that's not backed by science.

Eh, Eh, Eh… the truth is there with hard facts and scientific studies to back up these claims of toxicity. Once I learned about how harmful these household products were, I simply couldn't keep my mouth shut.

Here's the proof: of the most popular store-bought furniture cleaners and dusting sprays on the market (that would bePledge, Method,Old English, Swifter and Bona), every single one of these products is rated an F (the most dangerous score) by the EWG.

This is NOT good, friends–an F rating means the product contains significant hazards to health or the environment, and/or companies don’t disclose their full ingredients list, which is a HUGE RED FLAG. What are they trying to hide?

Colors: Proven to cause cancer. Enough said.

Preservatives: This unspecified ingredient may contain carcinogens like

formaldehyde, an asthmagen that also causes severe skin burns and eye damage,

allergic skin reactions and is harmful to sea life.

Methylisothiazolinone: Trying to pronounce this ingredient is scary enough. Lest

you forget the preservative is also an allergen causing skin and respiratory irritation.

And lab studies on the brain cells of mammals also suggest that it may be neurotoxic.

Film Former: This is another unspecified ingredient that is riddled with impurities,

like Ethylene Oxide and 1,4-Dioxane, which have potential for cancer,

developmental/endocrine/reproductive harm, and damage to DNA.

A few other gems that can be found in these toxic dusting sprays, wood polishers, and furniture cleaners include C-122-20 Isoparaffin (high risk of cancer), Petroleum Gases (yes, as in the fuel used in cars, which causes genetic defects and cancer) and Fragrance, another hormone disruptor and asthmagen with links to skin irritation, allergies, nervous system defects and acute aquatic toxicity.

Fortunately, my DIY furniture polish recipe will have you cleaning dust, wood and hard furniture surfaces just as effectively (if not more!) without any of the negative side effects.


Alright, so here's the deal. Instead of loading up our cleaners with harmful chemicals, preservatives and toxins, we're keeping it really simple.

All you need is olive oil, white vinegar, and castile soap. Simply add these natural ingredients to a Spray Bottle and use a Microfiber Cloth to wipe down hard surfaces, like wood and furniture.

They'll be left shiny, the wood undamaged and nourished. And it's a great way to dust hard surfaces around your home.

If you add some essential oils to the blend, it'll smell amazing. As usual, I recommend citrus essential oils, like lemon, orange or grapefruit. For fans of Pledge, you'll get a nearly identical smell from this cleaner.



  • Pour all ingredients into a bottle (I recommend these). Fit with a spray top. Gently shake the bottle to mix the ingredients together. Use immediately or as needed.

  • To use: Spray furniture or surface with the spray and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

I hope this helps you understand more why its is not only so much more affordable to make your own products for your home, but also helps you see how so many of the products we buy on the shelves have hidden ingredients in them. When you create your own products you know exactly what is in them.


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