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One Talented Lady

The Famers Touch will be creating weekly blogs to teach you how to make your household cleaning supplies and more at home. Not only will you be creating chemical free all natural product but my goal is to not only help you save lots of money and stop buying the crap on the shelves but to better your health, home and environment as well.

This firs Blog though is to give a huge shout out to one amazingly talented young woman.

Candace Trejo not only designs my labels she also created my new website. She is incredible easy to work with I told her my vision and she went to work, same as with my labels I tall her what I envision and she works her magic.

Candace is not one very talented she is also a new mom and one absolutely amazing one, her son is so cute and she has impressed me watching her grow as a young woman for the years have known her and see the mother she is. I am honored to call her my friend though I see her more as family.

If any of you ever need a label, website or any work done please reach out to her you will not be disappointed.

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