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Spa Ingredients

Our Zero Waste Philosophy

The Farmers Touch Creates products using the highest quality ingredients in small batches to ensure potency, quality and effectiveness.  Whole herbs, flowers and vegetables are hand grown (our sourced organically) and infused into organic oils using the warmth of the sun.  Only natural preservatives are used ensuring that our products are fresh, safe, and good for your skin.  Each blend utilizes superior quality medicinal herbs, flowers, vegetables, essential oils and carrier oils selected for their unique healing qualities. Our products are formulated to encourage the skin's natural ability to heal itself.  

The Farmers Touch is committed to reducing the use of plastic within the natural body care industry and utilizes innovative eco-friendly packaging.  If the ingredients are eco-friendly shouldn't the packaging be as well?  That is why we are committed to being plastic free, using glass and 100% plant based compostable packaging.  This makes our products zero waste!  We think that is pretty awesome!!


Based in the Hudson Valley, we strive to source our ingredients that we cannot grow here on the homestead, as close as possible to our location.  If we cannot locate it locally we will obtain the organic seeds to grow the plant itself to extract the oils ourselves.  

Any product that is considered second rate is set aside for personal use or given to family and friends to avoid waste. 


When you purchase The Farmers Touch Products you can expect:


Sustainable Packaging


Pure Ingredients

The Farmers Touch is Free of:





Propolyne Glycol

Synthetic and artificial Fragrance

Synthetic and artificial colors 

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