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Organic Handcrafted Beauty 

The Farmers Touch makes every magical product by hand.  We grow what ingredients we can and source the rest of the organic ingredients. Each product is handcrafted in small batches with care by the owner, BethAnn in order to ensure quality and consistency.  Each ingredient is hand-measured,  hand stirred, hand poured into its container, and finally hand labeled.  Along each step, there is the utmost attention to detail, infused with years of experience and skill to produce the perfect product for each of you.


We use minimal packaging, biodegradable labels, and reusable containers.  All of our products are packaged right here in the Hudson Valley by our small, family and friends team.  

Herbal Treatment

How We Got Sarted

“Bethann Bruno never planned to start a business. In fact, Farmers Touch began experimenting with making all-natural cleaners at home in 2010, she did so out of necessity, not entrepreneurialism. You see, Bruno was looking for ways to cope with her recently diagnosed progressive multiple sclerosis.

“The doctors told me to get rid of any products with chemicals in my home,” she recalls. “That was when I began making all my own chemical-free household cleansers and reusable dryer sheets, my own personal care products, and more.”

Bruno, who has always had a passion for creating things, channeled her love of nature and agriculture in her alternative remedies, opting to forgo chemical additives in favor of naturally occurring ingredients. While she soon found success with the products for her personal use, it wasn’t until 2018 that she began to seriously consider turning her creations into a foundation for her business. At the time, she was managing a local farm. The two ideas immediately connected, and soon began to brainstorm ways to turn Bruno’s passion project into a tangible enterprise.”


Article by:

Sabrina Sucato (Hudson Valley Newsletter)

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Everything's Life Matters

Choosing to follow a vegan lifestyle means more than simply giving up foods made from animal derivatives, it also means making a concerned effort to live without harming other sentient beings.  This means abstaining from wearing or purchasing leather or other products made from animals, choosing products that are cruelty-free and not tested on animals, choosing forms of entertainment that do not employ animals, and even making landscaping decisions that minimize the negative impact on wildlife.  


I have encountered many creators of handcrafted personal care products on my journey, many whom claim the products they create are vegan, organic, natural, and cruelty-free.  Only to watch them turn around and devour a steak, put on their leather jacket,  look me in the eyes, their lips injected with Botox, and tell me that they love animals...and then it clicked. 


So many people fall victim to believing the product they are being handed was truly handcrafted, vegan, and most of all, cruelty-free.  I wanted to create a product line with minimal ingredients, ingredients that mother nature had given us, and that in no way harmed or displaced any living, breathing creature.


Vegan and Cruelty Free are not the same thing.  The perfect example of this is Botox. Botox is marketed as all natural and vegan. but just because the word vegan is used, many consumers assume that it must also be cruelty free.   The actual product "Botox" is Vegan friendly,  however, Botox is classified as a medicine and BY LAW all medicine must be tested on animals.  So I set out to create a line of beauty that works to keep your skin beautiful without ever needing Botox. 


I grow what ingredients I can for my products in the many raised beds on my small farm.  What I cannot grow I source only from those that have the Cruelty-Free and Vegan Seal.  I do my own extractions and oil infusions, each sitting for ten months to a year in my cellar.  I do not rush the natural process as I want to get every benefit of every part of the plant, herb, flower and vegetable into my products.  


I research what works best for different skin types, conditions and ailments.  I then look at what holistic remedies are used to treat each, and then I began formulating, creating, and combining. I take pride in each of my products, one of which is my Rose Spray, which is a perfect example of the many steps it takes to create the products in this line. 


I grow the roses myself, harvest them, freeze dry them and then place them in a pot on the stovetop with distilled water.  They get continuously stirred, making sure that all of the petals are saturated.   When the water creates steam, the pot must be covered with a very tight lid so that none of the oils escape.  I turn the stove off and wait about an hour before straining the petals through cheesecloth after which the rosewater is placed into a sealed mason jar and kept in the cellar for two months before bottling.  


I put every bit of love I possibly can into each product.  It begins with my hands in the soil, then come the seeds and taking care of them as they germinate and grow until the moment, I can harvest them.


E.L.M. Vegan Beauty is from the field to your skin in every sense of the meaning and I am working on the process of getting Vegan and Cruelty Free sealed and certified for all of my products I create for all of you to enjoy.  


Stores That Carry Our Products

Adams Fairacre Farms

Capsule Collection Boutique

Natures Pantry

Meraki Boutique

Cedar Lakes

The Cheese Shoppe In Hamptons

Bruna Bo Store

Gertas Of Austria

Subscription Boxes Featuring Our Products







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